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August 8, 2010
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ROSE:  You look like a ghost.

THE DOCTOR: Hold on-- [holds out sonic screwdriver; cue  strange sonic-y noise] Alright.

ROSE: Can I tou—[reaches out]

THE DOCTOR: [backs away] No!

ROSE: Why?

THE DOCTOR: …. Okay. Earlier, you said I looked like a ghost.

ROSE: Yeaaaaah….

THE DOCTOR: And now I'm telling you that I can't be touched….

ROSE: Uh huuuuuh….

THE DOCTOR: What do you think that means?

ROSE: You….have herpes?


ROSE: Just kidding,  I know you're really a three-dimensional diffraction pattern of the image of an object made using holography.

THE DOCTOR: NO, YOU STUPID APE! Ah, no wait, that's correct. Sorry, I deal with the pain of loss by inflicting insults upon others.

ROSE: You must've lost a lot of stuff, then.


ROSE:  Nothing. So you can't get through the crack?

THE DOCTOR:  The whole thing would split. Two universes would implode. BOOM.

ROSE: And that's a problem becaaaaause…?

THE DOCTOR: [deadpan] I ran out of duct tape.

ROSE: Oh. Well then.

THE DOCTOR:  Where are we, anyway? Well, er, where are you, I guess I should say? Where did the gap end up?

ROSE: We're in Norway.


ROSE:  Yeah, about fifty miles out of Bergan.  It's called Da?lig Ulv Stranden. Who the hell names a beach-

THE DOCTOR:  [panicky] DALEK!? You should get the f-

ROSE: "Da?lig", idiot. It's Norwegian. Obviously. This is "Bad Wolf Bay". I'm going to skip over the irony of this. How long until the hologram disappears?

THE DOCTOR: About two minutes.

ROSE: I can't think of much to say. Wait, you still have all my stuff! I've been living off mum's stuff for the past, like, six months! I-

THE DOCTOR:  Really, Rose? We're never gonna see each other again, ever, in the whol of time and space, and you're asking me about all your shit?

ROSE: Sorry, Doctor.

THE DOCTOR: I'm in orbit around a supernova to give us this chance. I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye, to have closure for once.

"MY DOCTOR" – Rose Tyler

He never stops searching for something new
He's always tryin' to help someone, be it many or a few
He never ceases to amaze me
Even when he drives me crazy
In more ways than one
He shines brighter than the sun

And I know it sounds cheesy
And I've fallen much too easy
Though I know he can't ever feel the same
My heart skips beats when he says my name

Doctor, Doctor, oh, my Doctor
I've got a little problem & can't seem to make you see
Doctor, Doctor, oh, my Doctor
I'm more in love with you than it's possible to be

[sees the Doctor talking to someone else]

You always keep me guessing about what's next in store
There's lots of pretty men out there but it's you that I adore
I love your eyes, your smile, your hair
And the way you're always there
Whenever something's wrong
You make me feel like I belong

And there I go again, bein' all cliché
But I honestly can't help it, cause you take my breath away
Even a year later,
Everything seems so new
And even though your face once changed,
You're still amazing you

Doctor, Doctor, oh, my Doctor
I've got a little problem & can't seem to make you see
Doctor, Doctor, oh, my Doctor
I'm more in love with you than it's possible to be

I don't plan on ever telling you
Unless you say it first
But I know that won't happen
Even if worst comes to worst

But that's alright, because I know
Maybe you can't love, but you care about me, so
I'll stay forever by your side
And together we will be the pride
Of time and space and all that stuff
Cause even when times get rough
I'll still love you, through and through
Just because I know you

Doctor, Doctor, oh, my Doctor
I've got a little problem- I love you, but that's not strange
Doctor, Doctor, oh, my Doctor
Though I know you can't love me, my feelings won't ever change

(bits of) CAST:
The Doctor - Joey Richter
Rose Tyler - Jaime Lyn Beatty
Pete Tyler - Joe Walker
Jackie Tyler - Bonnie Grueson
Mickey Smith - Brian Rosenthal (LOL RACISM? D: )
Ricky - Brian Holden
Jake - Darren Criss (because Jake = hot.)
Yvonne Hartman - Lauren Lopez (I actually started a song called "It's Ours" for this character but I finished "My Doctor" first...)
"Main" Cyberman - Tyler Brunsman (DANCING CYBERMEN Y/N?)
"Main" Dalek - Nick Lang

The Doctor and Rose have been travelling together for a few years now, when they suddenly find themselves in a parallel world. Rose's "dead" father is alive, and the entire planet is run by a network. When mysterious things start happening, as they always do when the Doctor comes in, will they be able to solve the problem? And what's with these ghosts in their own universe? What's Torchwood got to do with it?

the title implies all of doctor who; but my personal version concentrates mainly on the Cybermen episodes of season 2, those being episodes 6 & 7 (The Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel) and episodes 12 & 13 (Army of Ghosts and Doomsday)

the beginning dialogue is basically a rewritten version of the goodbye scene from Doomsday.

the song is really fckin' cheesy and inspired by Rose's line in season 1: "I want you safe, my Doctor."

I was also inspired to do a Doctor Who crossover by a song someone else wrote that I found:


and ALSO:


so. yeah.

doctor who (c) bbc & rtd
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wowie :'))))) thank you so much!!! i'm super flattered. and dude, if they did something like this, i would be SO excited.
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